1. Jeff Fertig

    What made my trip to Amsterdam so enjoyable was our guide Martine van der Voort. She was very knowledgeable, and made the history and culture of the city so alive and personel ! When our tour was over she made sure we were familiar with the city and finding our way to any of the sights we were interested in seeing. She made us feel at home in a foreign country. Even at home here in the U.S. she is in touch and has answered many questions I have had about where to go and what to see when I return. She is by far the best local guide I have ever had. Great job Martine ! Hope to see you again soon

  2. Garry and Jenice Chapman

    I can still remember Martine sprinting up the road to retrieve a bag I left on the bus. She showed us around Central Europe in 2004 and is the best guide we have ever had. She was totally organised, knowledgeable and a very pleasant person.

  3. Lynne Jones

    Martine was a very good guide, attentive to our needs and exceptionally helpful. We had just one day in Amsterdam and she gave us great advice to help our rainy journey to click perfectly.

  4. John Harris

    Martine is a wonderful guide who is very helpful and friendly to everyone. She has a good knowlegde of the areas and showed us the cutest local places. Our trip was amazing thanks to her.

  5. Carol & Jim Bordon

    Martine was helpful & informative. Her genuine desire to be helpful was evident. She made our tour the highlight of our trip to Amsterdam.

  6. Robert Langdon

    We have been around the world but Martine was the best guide we have had!!!

  7. Karen Turack

    I was so fortunate to have Martine as a tour guide. She’s THE BEST!! I’m hoping the opportunity will come to travel with her again. She’s hard-working, efficient, knowledgeable, and so much fun!

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