• Get away from busy life in the city
  • Keukenhof and real Tulip experience
  • Local life in Volendam
  • Touristy areas but a visit with a local touch!

Amsterdam is full with highlights and you could easily spend a week without being bored one minute, but don’t miss out on some wonderful sights outside the big city. It feels great when you are outside the busy area in the countryside. Atmosphere is different, mentality is different and you will have a whole new feeling of what The Netherlands is about. To feel like a real local and to do good to the environment, we use the very efficient public transport system to reach the countryside towns.

Dutchfootprint has lots of experience in touring around the country. As a local, we still discover new places and combine the regular highlights with a local activity. All tours are created from our personal knowledge and experiences, that is what makes your countryside tour less standard and more surprising!

Most popular countryside tours of Dutchfootprint:

The Keukenhof and Tulip fields experience!
The Keukenhof gardens are open from Mid March to Mid May and is the most beautiful spring garden in the world with over 7 million tulips, daffodils and hyacinths. Still we experience that guests miss the experience of the large tulip fields. We give you a chance to do so by taking you on a 1-hour bike ride through the fields to experience it from close up. We are not in a hurry, so we have plenty of time to take our pictures! Only available from 22 March – 13 May 2018.

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  • Including a local guide during the excursion, duration appr. 5,5 hours
  • Bike rental and costs public transport included
  • Entrance fee Keukenhof gardens included
  • Duration appr. 5,5 hours
  • Price from 105,00 Euro p.p. (See price overview for details)

Combine a visit to the windmills with the charming local town Edam!
When you think of The Netherlands you probably think of cheese, wooden shoes and windmills. Indeed these are famous symbols of The Netherlands. We still produce 400.000 wooden shoes a year in The Netherlands. The Zaanse Schans is a unique village where all these Dutch icons come together – you can visit a cheese factory, a wooden shoe factory and the inside (!) of a windmill. This is a place that many tourists visit and that is the reason we would like to combine the magic of the (touristy) Zaanse Schans with a visit to the quaint local town of Edam. This town is unspoiled and wonderful. This is the place where you still see how locals live and enjoy their lunch and coffee. In this excursion you have the opportunity to see the famous windmills and feel the charm of a real Dutch village!


  • Including a local guide during the excursion, duration appr. 5 hours
  • A unique combination of windmills at the Zaanse Schans and quaint local life in Edam
  • Typical Dutch apple pie and coffee included in a local cafe in Edam
  • Choose to book the excursion on a Wednesday morning in July or August when the cheese market is present in Edam
  • Price from 80,00 Euro p.p. (See price overview for details)

Volendam and visit to eal smokery!
A fishing village north of Amsterdam which is easy to fall in love with. It is a beautiful and friendly town and it is visited by many tourist, but Dutchfootprint will make it into a local experience anyway! We take public transport, taste some fresh fish, chat away with local fisherman and visit the smaller side streets to see typical Dutch houses. Of course you can also enjoy some free time for shopping on the dike and take plenty of photos, remember you decide the pace and we are not in a hurry!

  • Including a local guide during the excursion
  • Including a guided visit to an eal smokery of the fishing village
  • Including a small sandwich to taste fresh fish
  • Costs public transport excluded
  • Duration appr. 4,5 hours
  • Price from 65,00 Euro p.p. (See price overview for details)