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Hello and welcome to my first Blog. My name is Martine van der Voort and I am a professional local guide and organiser of leisure activities in Amsterdam and its surroundings. Since the beginning of 2013 I am the proud owner of Dutchfootprint.com, the best guiding service for you!

Who am I? I am a cheerful person born and raised in Amsterdam with a great passion for the guiding business. I love to travel, I love to be a tourist and love to be a guide. I love to read, I love to listen, I love to help and I love to smile – a day not laughed is a day not lived. And besides all this? I like chocolate sprinkles, carrot cake and “bitterballen”.

Why did I start Dutchfootprint?
Amsterdam has many streets and districts made for mass tourism; large hotel chains, fastfood restaurants, money exchanges, pizza take-aways, “Delft blue pottery” vendors and shops with “I love Amsterdam T-shirts”. In these areas large groups of tourists can have a great time but Dutch locals do not go here.
My experience with guiding tourists is that you miss the feeling with local life and that is exactly what Dutchfootprint will offer you; customized tours with a local touch! I will recommend you places to visit where locals go, don’t worry about the language – everybody speaks English in The Netherlands. Just mingle and have fun!

On my blog I will share my experiences being a tourist in my own country. It will be a blog to inspire you for your next visit to The Netherlands!

Visit my blog and be inspired!

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  • Karen Turack 13 december 2013 at 08:37

    I was so fortunate to have Martine as a tour guide. She’s THE BEST!! I’m hoping the opportunity will come to travel with her again. She’s hard-working, efficient, knowledgeable, and so much fun!


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